Though we do not possess a very long history we are extremely proud of our brief history we own. President’s College Maharagama started as new school with a group of students and a few teachers of Vidyakara Vidyalaya Maharagama on 18th of February 1978. According to the history records ,the students were accommodated in dilapidated buildings which had been used as the hostels of Maharagama Training College. Earlier it had been used as Army Barracks and even before that as a rubber factory. At the very beginning it had been a property belonged to one Abeywardana family.

All the students and parents of Maharagama President’s College are indebted to Mr. Premarathna Gunasekara the then parliamentarian, Mr. J.S.V.S. De Sozysa, the first Principal of the College and the then Zonal Director of education who were the pioneers of the College.Mr. J.S.V.S. De Sozysa laid a strong foundation to this College and his yeoman and efficient services of 12 years contributed immensely in upgrading this college to its present state.

Mr. W.S. Ranasinghe who was appointed as the second principal added more important facets to the College such as Prefect’s Council,Aesthetic Unit and English Day Programmes enabling to create a new outlook and a reputation to the College and to keep pace with other leading schools in the Island.

Mr. R.A. Premarathna, who assumed duties as the next principal was able to increase the number of students up to 4000. As a result of his untiring efforts he was able to introduce cadetting ,scouting and a cadet band .During the short period of service, Mr. S. Rajapakshe, the next principal of the College was able to establish a Computer Unit and a three storeyed building with an assembly Hall. The College emerged as a premier school not only in the area but also in Sri Jayawardanapura education zone with the arrival of next principal Mr. K.A.D. Punnyadasa. Due to his dedicated service , he could develop the College up to the standard of a national school and many new features such as erecting a wall around the school premises, new buildings, the Open Ground Theatre, The Prefects’ room, and the Media Unit emerged as a result.

In 2004, Mr. J.W.S. Siriwardana a new principal assumed duties as a blessing to the students and parents of the College. Among his new ventures , there were many important aspects. Modernizing the school ground, making an open space assembly ground, construction of a Shrine Room and a staff room are some of them.He also launched new projects such as Sil and Meditating campaigns,Sports festivals and cultural Programmes to uplift the moral and spiritual development of the students.He was able to decentralize the management system in order to create a positive teaching learning environment in the school.

After the management of Mr. J.W.S. Siriwardana, Mr. W.J.R. Wimalasena assumed duties as the new principal in 2009. Within a short period of time of his assumption of duties he was able to reorganize the activities of the school with a new vision. He managed to reestablished the Old Boys’ Association and to get the maximum contribution of them for development of the school.He launched several projects to uplift the education as well as sports and other co-curricular activities.He took a massive step to repair and colour wash all the buildings of the school in order to make the school very attractive and pleasure place for all the students and the teachers. He was able to modernize the school library, canteen, the Main Hall, and the Primary section withing a very short period of time.